Universe of the animals

Animal communication is a spiritual connection between humans and animals. It is possible for us humans to communicate with every type of animal in the world.

Universe of the animals

What is Animal communication?

Animal communication is a skill we all possess but many of us have unfortunately forgotten how to use. It is an ability we are born with that we can reactivate and connect with. Animal communication is experienced in a variation of different ways. A great number of us have actually experienced to communicate telepathically with an animal without being aware of it at all. The telepathic message can be received as a sudden thought, impulse or a stomach feeling that make us change direction: Every message from our animal companions is subtle.

The point is not so much about us talking to animals but rather us becoming capable of listening to our animals. This will enable us to understand their special personalities and spirits – their perspective, wishes, and thoughts. Animal communication functions as an equal two-way dialog. Everything living emits energy based messages all the time, which our telepathic abilities make us able to hear and translate. Animal communication provides us with the opportunity to achieve mutual connection, clarity and healing. It is possible for all of us to learn the universal language of animal communication, this empower us to connect with Nature and the animals in our lives.

How does it work?

First a telepathic and energetic connection is established between the animal and the human. Then our body, soul and heart will start to receive the energetic messages the animal is sharing with us. We can receive these messages through a variation of different channels for instance as thoughts, ideas, hunches, emotions, visuals, or sensations. Everything originates from energy. Every feeling, thought or sensation has it’s own unique energy which we are able to receive, recognize and understand.

Because animal communication is an energetic phenomenon it is not limited to place, distance and time. It is on the contrary providing an opportunity to communicate over faraway distances and is not limited by the need for the human and animal to be in the same place.

What are the benefits of animal communication?

Animal communication has numerous advantages. It creates a unique possibility to exchange wisdom, healing and mutual understanding between animals and their humans. We expose the animals in our life to many human aspects of life that is not natural to them while we expect them to adapt. The least we can do in return is to offer to listen to what they have to say and try to understand them. Animal communication grants mutual understanding and empathy to the invaluable connection between animals and humans. We can better help and support the animals in our lives when these two elements are established to overcome their traumas, grieves and anxieties. This helps us create the best frames for our animal companion to thrive. We can fulfil the animal’s needs and by doing so help it to let go of behaviour that create problems. We can receive wonderful wisdoms on life from the creatures that walk this earth together with us.