Animal coaching

Do you and your animal have problems in your training, or are you stuck in an annoying situation? Do you need to understand each other better and find out what it takes to get your training or togetherness back on track? There can be many reasons why we encounter problems or blockages in our interactions with animals. There may be physical, mental, emotional, mental or relational problems.

An Animal Coach session is a unique opportunity to have a holistic session with your animal. With my background in both balancing, healing, telepathy and training of different animals, you can be sure to gain a lot of insights and inspiration for your training and togetherness with your animal.

The session begins with a live telepathy with your animal, where you can get answers to the questions you have. It works like a dialogue between me and your animal, where I interpret what your animal tells. Along the way, it is possible to use healing or intuitive touch to solve any physical or mental problems. After the telepathy session ends, I teach you exactly what is causing problems for you – based on what the animal has told us. I will guide and act as an interpreter if the animal has some comments along the way. The session combines telepathy, balancing and intuitive training of animals to create the strongest solution for you.

Animal coaching

Intuitive animal training

In this session you will also receive guidance on how you can practically train yourself towards the goals you and your animal have. It will be based on my communication with your animal, as well as my background in training animals intuitively. You will receive both physical as well as energetic tools that you can use with your animal to overcome the challenges you have, as well as reach your goals.

Animal coaching

160 euro + transport

After payment is completed, registration is binding and it is therefore not possible to get money back if you choose to cancel.

In an animal coaching session, I visit you and your animal. I do a live telepathy, possibly in connection with a healing. Then we follow the answers the animal has given us and apply them practically in a teaching session where you learn how to handle the situation and act in the way your animal wants.

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