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Courses - Intuitive animal communication

Join one of my courses in intuitive Animal communication and learn how to build a valuable bridge between you and your animal friends. The ability to communicate telepathically with animals is a skill everyone is born with. Telepathy provides us with the possibility, through dialog with an animal companion, to achieve a deeper understanding for their world, wishes, thoughts and feelings.

During this workshop we will practice to establish contact to our intuition, find our inner peace and silence, because we are only able to create telepathic contact to the animals in our life from this place. We look into the typical challenges we potentially will face when we wish to learn telepathy – and we learn how to work through it. 

You will have a unique opportunity to have your first experiences with telepathy through inspiring stories, education, guidance and a wide range of practical exercises during this course in telepathy.

I offer courses on different levels from 1 to 3. The level shows how much in depth and detail we work on the course. The higher levelled courses go deeper but it is required that you have a level 1 course for you to be able to participate and access the next level.

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Lectures and workshops

Lecture – the intuitive animal owner

Do you want to understand how you can get in more intuitive contact with your animals, as well as expand your relationship? Then join in on this lecture.

I hear countless pet owners tell me that they don’t believe that they even possess the ability to telepathically communicate with animals. They think it is probably too hard or too much work for them. But that’s not true – we all possess the ability to telepathically communicate with animals. In this interactive lecture, I will show you that you also possess the abilities. I give you specific, practical tools to expand this ability.

Having taught all types of people at home and abroad, I guarantee that telepathy is something we can all learn. In this lecture, I put you in touch with the hidden ability within yourself. So you can begin, or continue, your journey of deepening your contact with the animals, understanding them more easily, and creating a valuable bridge between you.

As you begin to listen more closely to your intuition about the animals, and follow their small signals and messages, you will find that your relationship is changing. You both are able to communicate in a common language that creates a foundation for understanding. When the evening is over, you will go home with an expanded understanding of how the animals communicate with you, and with useful tools you can use to get in touch with the animals in your life.

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Workshop in your club, organization or association

Is your dog club, riding school, riding club, cat association, animal shelter or other clubs or associations interested in understanding animals telepathically? Are you curious about how we build a strong, intuitive bridge between us and the animals? How can we send messages to the animals and receive replies? Then I will be happy to held a workshop with you!

The ability to have telepathic communication with animals, is something we are all born with. Telepathy allows you, through dialogue with your animal, to gain a greater understanding of its world as well as the desires, thoughts and feelings it has. At this workshop, we work to make contact with our own animals through practical, everyday adapted exercises that can help us in our daily lives with the animals. The workshop focuses on opening participants up to a greater understanding of our animals, as well as providing tools to help us in our daily lives as well as training with the animals.

Telepathy is for all of us, regardless of sport, animal species and interests. It is a tool, a tool that can create a connection between us and our animals that is applicable no matter what we do with our animals and how we choose to be an animal owner. The workshop accommodates everyone, and focuses on helping people become more empathetic and intuitive about their animals, to create a better framework for understanding, collaboration and close ties.

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