Animal whisper academy

Advanced telepathy education

Have you taken courses or programs in telepathy? Have you learned to contact the animals but would like to improve? Would you like to learn how to receive more detailed, accurate, and longer formulations from the animals? Would you like to work with more advanced cases and techniques? Then this training is for you!

The next steps

Once you’ve learned how to contact the animals around you, the next steps are: lots of training. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to stay in touch with this ability and how to fix the blockages and issues you run into along the way. I experienced that myself, and it made me take no less than 3 different telepathy courses, which taught me the same basic things. That is why I have put together this advanced team that takes you the step further with more advanced techniques, methods and cases, and at the same time teaches you to stay in touch with your ability and make use of it in a natural way in your everyday life. Just because we can make contact with the animals does not mean that we feel safe, secure and constantly correct, and this training helps you gain more confidence in your own abilities.

In-depth education

This training is organized according to the needs and desires that I have heard from former students or other already trained telepaths. This means that this training is specialized to solve the problems that many people run into. It is also a flexible education with room to deal with problems that the specific education group runs into.

Included in the price is 2 x 1.5 hours of private lessons per student, which can be used to solve individual problems. They are intended to help the individual student further in their journey and training

You will have to submit a case-telepathy in between each module, so that you can get feedback on both the telepathic content and dissemination as well as ideas for improvement, elaborating questions, etc.

Advanced telepathy education​

In addition, we work with things such as:

It is an in-depth training, with a small team and individual teaching and feedback, to help each student with their inner blocks and problems, and at the same time fill their toolbox with new, in-depth tools to achieve their goals.

Do you feel called to improve your ability to help animals?

This training in telepathy is a unique opportunity to build on your foundation in animal telepathy, allowing you to feel more secure, safe, detailed and accurate, as well as use advanced techniques to get the answers you seek. This training is for you who:

– Feel a calling to help the animals around you
– Are ready to invest time and effort into your own inner development
– Want to help your own or others’ animals with greater understanding, solve problems and heal relationships
– Are ready to go on an exciting inner journey with the animals and nature as a guide
– Have a burning desire to understand the animals around you

– The training is divided into 3 weekends of 2 days each.
– All days from 10 am – 4 pm
– Maximum 6 participants
– Price: 1135 euro for the entire program all inclusive
– Ends with a certificate or diploma (exam is optional)


1135 euro (all inclusive)

There are no refunds when payment are complete.

An in-depth training that takes you the further, teaches you more advanced techniques, greater precision and detail.